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On this site you will find second hand effects, tricks, etc that I have accumulated over the years. Many of them I have had much use out of and others have never even been used - the instruction booklet has been read but, after purchasing it, I found that it wasn't the sort of effect or trick I was looking for in the first place. However, being the type of person who never throws anything away - ask the wife! - I thought that one day they may come in handy.

That day never arrived and I am in dire need of some space in the house so, since I have given up performing, I decided to sell my stuff on the web.

Nothing on the site has been added if I considered it to be shoddy or non-workable. Those I have thrown out. Only stuff that I consider to be in good condition (if not brand new) has made it this far. I can therefore guarantee that you will not be disappointed with any of the bargains on the site.

I can be contacted through the Contact page of this site but only do so if it is a bona-fide question. I am not going to explain how illusions or tricks are done and no matter how you try, you won't get an answer if that is all you are looking for.

Anyway, have fun - have a look through and see if anything catches your eye. There is only 1 of each item available so, once it goes, it's gone!

Best wishes


PS: Owing to numerous persons putting their items for sale on this site and then not adhering to the Terms and Conditions, I have had to remove the Sell Your Own Magic from the site - apologies for that but I cannot have external persons putting the reputation of this site at risk.